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The best way to show a lot of items under their sorted categories PHP/MySQL/Performance...

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    I’m developing a list of books WordPress plugin (PHP/MYSQL).

    I have a Book and a Category table like this:

    Book table:

    • id
    • name
    • primary_category (Foreign Key to Category.id)

    Category table:

    • id
    • name
    • priority (int)

    I want to show each book under its primary category's title and the categories should be sort by their priority.

    For example:

    — category with priority 1

    ——— book with the primary category 1

    ——— book with the primary category 1

    — category with priority 2

    ——— book with the primary category 2


    I know I can select * from category order by priority and then write a foreach loop on the categories and show books with the same category id but as I have a lot of books (>1000) and (>50) categories, foreach loop takes so long and it's not the ideal way.

    Could somebody explain to me how can I show all the books under their categories that sorted by priority with the best performance, please?

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