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Discrepancy in result when calculating time using decimal(10,1)

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    I have query that returns total seconds as 28943 (columnname is TotalSec), I am using below query to convert seconds

    select ID, cast(todaydate as date) as [Today Date]
    , FORMAT(SUM(CAST((CAST(TotalSec as float) / 3600)as decimal(10,1))),'N1')
    from @tablename
    group by ID,cast(todaydate as date)

    output : 1,'07/07/2021',7.6

    when I am running below query

    select Format(SUM(CAST((CAST(28943 as float) / 3600)as decimal(10,1))),'N1')

    output : 8.0

    I was wondering why there is discrepancy in output? I tried with below test data

    CREATE TABLE dbo.MyTable
    userID int,
    uDateTime datetime,
    totalsec bigint

    INSERT INTO dbo.MyTable VALUES (123, getdate(),28943);
    SELECT userid,Format( SUM(CAST((CAST(totalsec as float) / 3600)as decimal(10,1))) ,'N1')
    FROM dbo.MyTable
    group by userid,cast(udatetime as date)

    drop table MyTable

    here I am getting output as 8.0

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