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[SQL] UPDATE IGNORE with function LOWER() in WHERE-clause does nothing

Discussão em 'Outras Linguagens' iniciado por Stack, Agosto 16, 2021.

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    I have a very small table discs like this

    did freedbdiscid aname dtitle genre year tracks
    0 4010755600 Man on an Island A New Day - Live in Las Vegas Pop 2004 16
    1 4010755600 MAN ON AN ISLAND A New Day - Live in Las Vegas Pop 2004 16

    which I'd like to change using

    UPDATE IGNORE discs SET aname = 'Man on an Island' WHERE LOWER(aname) LIKE 'man on an island';

    which changes ... nothing!

    I expected at least a warning or two duplicate entries for there should be no uppercase-title any more. It seems the WHERE-clause in the UPDATE does not match second row which can not be – to me. Is there something you do see? I've got no idea of what's going on here ...island';

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