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[SQL] Return 0 when table does not contain a row that references another table

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    I have two tables, Kurv and Kurvtilmeldingsvalg. Each row in Kurvtilmeldingsvalg contains a foreign key to a row in Kurv. However, when the Kurv is first created, no rows in Kurvtilmeldingsvalg exist yet.

    I have a script that calculates a number based on some values in Kurvtilmeldingsvalg. However, if a row in this table does not yet exist, then the calculation should return 0.

    Currently I am using CASE WHEN conditions to calculate the correct sum. However, this does not take non-existing rows in the Kurvtilmeldingsvalg table into account.

    SELECT Kurv.Id AS KurvID,
    WHEN KurvTilmeldingsvalg.Antal - KurvTilmeldingsvalg.OriginalAntalSolgte < 0 THEN 0
    ELSE (KurvTilmeldingsvalg.Antal - KurvTilmeldingsvalg.OriginalAntalSolgte)
    END * nc_valglinjeBase.nc_deltageroptaelling), 1) AS TotalAntal
    FROM Kurv
    LEFT JOIN KurvTilmeldingsvalg ON Kurv.Id = KurvTilmeldingsvalg.KurvId
    LEFT JOIN nc_valglinjeBase ON KurvTilmeldingsvalg.Valglinje = nc_valglinjeBase.nc_valglinjeId
    WHERE Kurv.Status in (0,
    GROUP BY Kurv.Id
    ORDER BY TotalAntal DESC

    I attempted a solution by doing a subquery inside the WHEN clause:

    WHEN (Select Count(*) FROM Kurvtilmeldingsvalg INNER JOIN Kurv ON Kurvtilmeldingsvalg.KurvId = Kurv.Id) = 0 THEN 0

    However i get an error with the following message: "cannot perform an aggregate function on an expression containing an aggregate or a subquery".

    Current incorrect output:


    Desired output would return 0 instead of 1. The Kurv in this example is not referenced by any rows in Kurvtilmeldingsvalg.

    How can i return 0 when there are no rows in the Kurvtilmeldingsvalg table that reference a row in Kurv?

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