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[SQL] Efficient syntax to update 5K rows in BQ table

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    I'm trying to update ~5K rows in bq using python client.

    Here is my current try:

    update_bq(table_id=_ADS_TO_REMOVE_TABLE_NAME, set_clasue="status ='removed'",
    where_in_clause=f'''[{[item['ad_id'] for item in


    def update_bq(self, table_id, ad_ids, set_clasue, where_in_clause):
    table_full_name = self.get_table_full_name(table_id)
    query_text = f"""
    UPDATE `{table_full_name}`
    SET {set_clasue}
    WHERE account_id IN {where_in_clause}
    query_job = self.client.query(query_text)

    How can I map the account id list to a string as follows which seems more efficient(?)

    UPDATE mytable SET somefield=( CASE WHEN (id=100) THEN 'some value removed' WHEN (id=101) THEN 'some value removed' END ) WHERE id IN (100,101);

    I've tried:

    f'''UPDATE mytable SET somefield=( CASE WHEN id={['(id=100) THEN some value \'removed\''.join( item['ad_id'] for item in current_ads_removed_json_chunk]}]+"WHERE id IN ("+ item['ad_id'] for item in current_ads_removed_json_chunk]);

    Plus will the bq auto timestamp work on update (works for me on insertion).

    Is it better to just remove all the rows with these ids and re-insert with the new status?

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