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How to rename a file and move to output directory?

Discussão em 'StackOverflow' iniciado por fdantas, Outubro 15, 2020.

  1. fdantas

    fdantas Administrator Moderador

    I am new to progress 4GL and I wrote below codes to move a file from input to output directory. But the concern is that I want to rename the file before/after moving.

    define variable m_inp as character no-undo initial "C:\Input\Test.csv".
    define variable m_outpath as character no-undo initial "C:\Output".

    file-info:filename = m_inp.
    if file-info:file-size > 0
    unix silent value("mv -f " + m_inp + ' ' + m_outpath).
    unix silent value("rm -f " + m_inp).

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