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how to order by and group by equal column values in SQL? [duplicate]

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    My table is:

    device_name | device_category
    standard_spot | light
    mobile_spot | light
    tracker | light
    smoking_machine| light
    microphone1 | sound
    microphone2 | sound
    display1_hmdi | projector
    display1_vga | projector
    display1_sound | projector

    I need a query that provides the device_names together with the device_categories ordered by the occurrence of a device_category. My attempt was this query, which provides the occurrences of each category:

    SELECT COUNT(*) AS num_dcats FROM `devices` GROUP BY device_category ORDER BY num_dcats DESC

    Like this:

    device_category | num_dcats
    light | 4
    projector | 3
    sound | 2

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